Bullet Our Day – 30 DBC

Bullet Our Day – 30 DBC


Day 17

30 Day Blogging Challenge

Bullet Your Whole Day

I was meant to do this post yesterday.  However, I was home with a poorly little boy so it was not the most exciting of days.  When I checked my FitBit to see how much I actually did yesterday, it said a surprising 5,464 steps.  I truly felt like I was stuck to the sofa all day, giving cuddles.  Turns out looking after sick little people is more active than I realised.

I assume that this post is asking me to ‘bullet point’ my whole day.  I know Leah at and1moremakes3 wondered the same.  I was hoping today would be more exciting but here goes.  Starting from the beginning:

Midnight:  I am in gentle slumber.  Snoozing… happily content in the knowledge I would not be woken up until my alarm goes off at 7am.  Ha ha ha…

1am:  I hear a door go… Footsteps…Someone is standing at the bottom of my bed.  I hear a little voice in the darkness: “can I get in your bed?”  I stand firm, give him a little cuddle and take him back to his own bed.  He falls asleep.  So do I… on the floor.

2am:  I wake up. I have to sneak out.  All I need is to use some commando moves to get out the room without being noticed.  I see the door.  It is in my sights.  How hard can it be?  They are both snoring.  I crawl to the door.  I am so close!  I hear a moan.  It turns into a cry.  A little voice in the darkness again: “MUMMY”.  I have been caught.  Dammit.  I go over to him.  He doesn’t settle with a cuddle.  I notice he is hot.  The crying continues.  I realise I need to sneak him out the room.  He might wake his brother.  Both Awake = Game Over!  Any parent with children sharing a room will appreciate the concern.

3am: I get him out without incident.  Phew!  A sigh of relief.  I take him into our room.  The crying continues.  Hubby administers Calpol (where would we be without this wonderful medicine!).  It seems he has earache – ouch!  He cries and / or moans for hours.  Eventually, he falls asleep with the offending ear on me for warmth.  We have been here before.  His ear drum burst the last time.  Grim times!

7am: Bob D wakes, upset and sad.  It takes me a while to figure out where I am, what day of the week it is and why is this little person is prodding me in the face?

7.15 am:  Bob L wakes, upset and sad.  They both fight over mummy cuddles.  Normally Bob D is a Daddy’s boy.  We can usually judge how ill he is by if he is asking for mummy.  Today he wants only mummy.  It is not looking promising.

7.30am:  We try to go downstairs.  They have an almighty bust-up over who is going to carry them downstairs.  Both want mummy to do it; sharing isn’t on the agenda.  I just want coffee to kick my brain into gear.  I realise at this point it is going to be a LONG day!

9am: I am dressed, showered and feeling like a zombie.  I go into work to pick up stuff to work from home.  I finish off a few things and answer some emails.  I yearn for normality.  I feel guilty for leaving the kids at home with daddy for one hour.  Mummy guilt is a terrible thing.  I leave work and now feel guilty about that.

10.20am:  Home sweet home.  Bob D is in floods of tears.   First thing hubby says is: “we need to get a doctors appointment for him”.  This is bad.  Hubby never suggests taking the kids to the doctor. After making the call and the nurse hearing Bob D crying in the background, we easily get an appointment

11am:  I decide to get the Play-do out for Bob L.  Don’t tell Daddy, he hates Play-do.  It gets stuck on the carpet and drives him crazy.  Bob D watches Minions on TV for the 100th time today, not the movie… oh no… the annoying Jingle Bells sung by the Minions ‘bonus’ feature.  I check my watch.  It isn’t even lunchtime yet.

11.30am:  I need to get ready and get these kids out the door.  The boys dont want to get dressed.  We have an almighty battle until we compromise.  They both go to the doctors in their onesies.  Bob D is wearing two hats (!).

12.15pm:  Doctor checks Bob D out and confirms his ear drum is about to burst.  Grim!  Antibiotics are prescribed.

12.45pm:  We get home.  Bob D doesn’t want to take his antibiotics because it is yellow.  After much negotiation he eventually takes them.  He then has a meltdown because he wants more, “I want more yummy minion medicine, MUMMY!”

1 – 3pm: I am hopeful the boys will nap, while I try to work.  It doesn’t happen,  we just have tears instead. Sad times.  I check my watch.  Four hours until bedtime.

3pm:  Boys watch a film, while I try to work.

4pm:  My neighbour’s little girl turns up at the door with flowers to cheer us up!  Well, to cheer me up.  So incredibly thoughtful and kind 🙂

5pm:  Dinner time.

6pm:  Bedtime for monkeys.

9.30pm: I write this post.

10pm:  I am off to bed in anticipation of a 1am wake up call

Tell me about your day.  I hope it has been a lot more exciting than this!




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  1. Anna
    23rd March 2016 / 2:18 pm

    My day was even less exciting. Feel for you!

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