Plans / Dreams / Goals

Plans / Dreams / Goals

Plans / Dreams / Goals

30 Day Blogging Challenge

This one is hard for me as I have so many plans and dreams.  Here are a couple that I can think of:


We are planning a big trip to visit family in America soon.  We feel brave enough to tackle our second long haul flight with twins.  I honestly think that nothing can be worse than when we travelled with them at 18 months!


I started this blog in January.  I had dabbled in blogging before but never seriously and I decided to do it properly.  So I set up my blog and started writing.  I have enjoyed it more than I ever thought possible.  Over the next year I want to keep writing, grow the blog with my story of surviving HELLP syndrome and the fun we have parenting the monkeys.

Alongside this, I am looking forward to getting to know more great bloggers.  I have been privileged to find some amazing people already and have been really welcomed by the blogging community.



Last year I started a new job writing for a local newspaper, mostly features and community stories.  I hope to build on this.

Writing by day at work and writing in the evenings for my blog.  I must have a lot to say 🙂



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