Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

My boys like snow, well they do this year.. last year we had full scale meltdowns whenever one of them had to go outside.

Saturday brought a lot of snow and we decided to take the boys skiing, easy peasy.  Slopes are only an hour and a half away, simple, right?

Well first of all we are, at times, an incredibly unorganised bunch.  So rather than leave early, we firstly all sleep in.  This is parents-sods-law, this never ever happens, apart from on days when you need to get up on time – monday mornings are a perfect example of when the boys are most likely to sleep in.  The boys are our alarm clock, so if they sleep in, so do we.  I wonder at what point we will need to consistently set an alarm and wake them every morning… anyway I digress….

We then had to look out our ski gear, I know, I know we should have done that the day before but quite frankly we couldn’t be bothered…

Then we had to shovel the snow from the front path, which was frozen solid.  My husband had that job.

Then we got in the car, I nipped back into the house a few times to check the following:

  • straighteners off – check – repeat once as couldn’t remember if I had checked ‘properly’ the first time.
  • coffee machine off – check

May all seem very straight forward, but it has become a standing joke in our house that EVERYTIME we leave the house I have to check these things, as can’t remember if I have switched them off.  Often ten minutes or so into our journey.  I have never returned home and these be on but that is not the point,  what if today is the one day I forget?????

Then we were off, except one of the boys needed a wee…

This time we really are off and not turning back under any circumstances.

Snow was falling heavily all around us and the roads were white, it was very pretty.  I would have loved to have appreciated this all, but I was trying to get an internet connection to work out where we needed to go…. yes I know we should have looked this up before we left.

We arrive at the ski resort, it is cold, boys are bored and want to ski, we get stuck in the snow, car doesn’t move and the ‘your car is skidding all over the shop’ sign is illuminated on the dashboard.  This is incredibly helpful as otherwise we may not have noticed that the car wasn’t going anywhere.  The accompanying beeping sound certainly helps with any possible anxiety.  Eventually we are free and find a parking space, by that I mean abandon the car at the side of the car park.

We get out the car and hubby goes off to find a ski map to see where we need to be….. yes I know we could have looked it up before we left.  We are at the wrong car park. We go for a little sledge anyway, boys are sinking into the snow as they walk, thankfully they find it all very funny.

Boys are hungry (I have to point out our boys are always hungry, I fear for our food shopping bill when they are teenagers), so we go to macdonalds as everywhere else is busy.

Boys are now ‘hangry’.  If you have experienced a three-nager who is hangry, you will sympathise with this. Hangry is not fun for anyone involved!  Hangry usually means full scale meltdown with disapproving onlookers tutting.  Hangry is usually followed by child refusing to eat because they are too hungry (?!?).

We are eventually all fed and make our way to the kinder area, we can’t park, decide it is too late now and drive home.

Boys now exclaim they love skiing and what they loved about it most was … MacDonald’s.

Next time we will be more organised, next time we will leave earlier, next time we will ski… who am I kidding…..





  1. The Anxious Dragon
    17th February 2016 / 9:47 pm

    A simple lesson learnt there. Snow is evil and should be avoided at all costs!! 😉
    Thanks for sharing with us, Tracey xx #happydiaries

    • yneely
      1st February 2016 / 12:16 pm

      Nothing is worth a threenager being hangry ha ha!

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