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Banding together is great Karma…

Last week I came across this fab linkup which is run by Nikki who blogs over at View From In Here.  Anyone who has come across Nikki before will know she is super lovely and supportive.  As Nikki was looking for extra co-hosts, I jumped at the chance, I think it is such a superb idea!

Bloggers are a unique bunch. We are so creative and it’s hard to slow down enough to think about blogging in a logical manner. You may know where you want to end up, or have a dream of what your blog will look like when you succeed. But it’s the getting there that we need to think about.

Sometimes it seems all we do is work on the blog, creating, photographing, writing, editing, visiting other bloggers, social media promoting, linking to blog parties. And it takes so long to get ahead. So long. It can be frustrating.

We are all going through the same thing, but we don’t need to go it alone. We can, and should be doing this together.

Why Should We Work Together?

Brands and Sponsors are looking for bloggers just like you and me, but they need us to have a platform that matches their vision. You may already have the blog of their dreams, but perhaps you don’t have the quantity of social media contacts they require. They need an audience, and they will happily pay you to promote their products if they see that your blog has a large social media following.

So, we’re throwing down the gauntlet, getting the ball rolling. Let’s change our thinking and work together. 2016 could be an incredible year, if we decide that we aren’t competing with each other. We’re on the same team. #WAYWOW Social Media Blast will be featured every Friday on this blog, we can use it to grow, each and every one of us.

Social Media Blast Hosts.Bloggers working together to grow. Join us each week 9PM EST Thursday.

Meet your hosts:

So, are you going to pick up the gauntlet? Together we can all make 2016 a great year!!

Here’s the challenge, stop competing, let’s all support each other. Link up each week, there will be a different Social Media Platform for you to build, we will focus mostly on the top platforms that Brands and Sponsors like to see. This is where the Blog Karma sets in, the more people you follow, the more will follow you.

So, are you going to pick up the gauntlet? Together we can all make 2016 a great year!!

Again, Blogging is NOT a competition.

So, why aren’t all of us bloggers working together more? Why aren’t we jumping at the chance to follow each other on social media? You don’t have to write a blog in my niche for me to learn from you, how you tweet, share, write, brand. And I’m not competing for my share. There’s enough to go around. Honest.

And we would love to throw down the challenge, let’s work together to grow! Social Media Blast will be live on Four Blogs, giving you the opportunity to hang out with us and meet our Social Media Following. So what is stopping you?

This week we’re focusing on Twitter

(BTW, when you follow others on the list, send them a DM letting them know you found them on the SM Blast so they know to follow you in return!)

This week, link up the URL to your Twitter account (NOT YOUR BLOG URL), follow others on the list. This linkup will be open for a week, so come back and follow more as the week goes on, and get followed back! This is not a link dump, if you aren’t following others your link will be deleted. Thanks.

To find the URL to your Twitter profile, open up Twitter, click your profile picture on the right side, click view profile, grab the URL in the browser bar. My URL is:  Yours should be similar!

By the way, share this, let’s reach out to as many bloggers as we can, I’ve made it easy to Tweet above. Let’s make 2016 a year for blogging community!

PS did you know that Brands will pay you good money to Tweet about their products? The larger and more involved your Twitter Following the more money you can be paid. Let’s get some dollars in your pocket!

PLEASE FOLLOW EVERYONE LINKED AND CHECK BACK LATER IN THE WEEK! THANKS! Last week we had a great turn out , if you like go back and follow those linked, to grow you need to put in the work! Let’s do this!

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[tweetthis]Blogging is Not a Competition. It's Twitter Week. Social Media Blast #allbloggers[/tweetthis][tweetthis]Blogging is Not a Competition. It's Twitter Week. Social Media Blast #allbloggers[/tweetthis]  


  1. August 19, 2016 / 8:05 am

    I loved the idea of the Social Media Blast, and bloggers helping each other, when I saw it last week and think it’s wonderful that you’ve joined in too, Yvonne! You can remind me when I forget! haha

  2. August 19, 2016 / 8:09 pm

    I’ve just joined! I can’t believe I’ve miss this last week. Fab idea! 🙂

  3. August 19, 2016 / 8:21 pm

    Btw, instead of DMs I sent the news I’m following a tweet, I don’t think you can send a DM to someone who isn’t following you yet. Is that alright? 🙂 x
    Dean of Little Steps recently posted…The End of an EraMy Profile

    • Double the Monkey Business
      August 20, 2016 / 7:57 am

      Yes I noticed that yesterday as well, only some people would let me DM them so I did the same 🙂 good to have you join in lovely xx

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