Rookie Mistakes: Top Ten


We all have to start somewhere I guess, we were all a rookie at one stage.  Parenting is a hard job.  Rewarding, without a doubt.  But definitely not easy.  It is one that you don’t get  much guidance on and you really have to learn as you go.

Let’s face it, we have all been here at the end of a long day:

So here are my top ten rookie mistakes:

1. The Rookie mistake of the vests

When I first started out on the parenting journey I never even thought about why baby vests have open necks.

Roughly 12 months in, someone told me that the vest necks are open wide in the event of a poo explosion.

So rather than trying to negotiate the vest back over their head, or in the most extreme examples cut it off (yes I have been there), you can slip the vest down over the feet.  WHAAT!!!  Why is this not mentioned in antenatal class?

Pass the air freshener.

2. Going out without a change of clothes for mummy

I think the boys were only a month old when I made this rookie mistake.  I went out to meet a friend.  I packed a change of clothes for the boys but not for me.

Bob D was suffering from reflux at the time and was sick often, so this was a BIG mistake.   After feeding Bob D, and then him throwing up over himself.  He then threw up down my top.  I was drenched right through.  I had no change of clothes and a 20 minute drive home through busy London streets. That was not a good day.

3. Maternity Leave: Ah it is all coffee and cake

Oh man I want to go back and shake my pre-mummy self for thinking this.  I truly believed that maternity leave was going to be a breeze.  Ha!  How naive of me.  Especially as I knew I was having twins.  What. Was. I. Thinking???

Those first months are the hardest I have ever endured.  Sleep deprivation causes your brain to malfunction, you cant think straight.  You can’t even see straight.

I did stupid things like try to put the kettle into the fridge, then wondering why it wouldn’t fit.  My husband took the thermostat to work instead of his phone.   It fries your brain.

You are lucky to have the energy to get out of your PJ’s and have a shower.  As for going out for coffee and cake, that is like mission impossible.

4. Newborn babies will sleep on their own…

When I was pregnant I thought that sleepless nights would be like this:

  • Baby wakes up and gurgles softly to wake me from my slumber
  • Feed baby
  • Burp baby
  • Lay baby down in the cot
  • Baby gurgles softly and goes to sleep
  • Marvel at their beauty and what a wonderful parent I am
  • Go back to sleep

I was, of course, conveniently forgetting that I was having twins and they would not always be awake at the same time.

My reality was more like this:

  • Baby wakes up
  • Baby screams the house down
  • Eventually manage to get baby to latch on
  • Baby unlatches
  • Baby screams house down
  • He latches on again (repeat 100 times over)
  • Burp baby
  • Put baby down in cot
  • Baby screams house down
  • Pick up baby
  • Rock baby and sing every song my sleep-deprived brain can remember
  • Put baby back in cot
  • Baby screams house down (repeat 100 times over)
  • Eventually baby goes to sleep
  • Just as I am dosing off, baby number 2 wakes up.
  • Repeat continuously throughout the night.


5. Potty training: It is an overnight job

I am assuming most of you have read my potty training post.  If not check it out here.

When I was starting to think about potty training, I thought I would wait until I had a few days at home with them.  Train them and they would be dry within a week.

I know that some people have been fortunate enough that this worked out for them.  I am guessing that good timing had more to do with that than anything else.

It took years for me to potty train my children, mainly because they were not ready.  Even now they are having accidents.  As I mentioned to my blogging friend Gemma at Life is Knutts, only last week Bob L pooped on the floor and then sat on it. Yep that is right, sat on it.  Grim times.

6. I am in charge

Ha ha ha!!  I am in charge.  I still like to think I am.  When I asked the boys who was in charge this morning, guess what they said?  Mummy?  NO.  Daddy?  NO.

Apparently they both think Bob L is in charge of us all.  I have to say I think they might be right.

7. Buying to many baby clothes

When I was pregnant I went overboard on baby clothes.  I mean completely overboard.  If I had my time again I would be way more sensible.  What I didn’t appreciate is that children grow.  Quickly.  I don’t think they wore half of what I bought them.  Talk about burning money…

8. I will clean the house when the kids are sleeping

Yeah, once again I didn’t appreciate that I would be sleep deprived.  Or even what that was.  Before hand when I said I was tired I really meant: “couldn’t be bothered”, or “been out partying too much”.  Then along came proper sleep deprivation.

This meant on the few occasions when the babies napped at the same time, there was no way I was going to go all Wonderwoman and clean the house.

Definitely not….I was going to sleep… or watch rubbish TV.

9. Thinking I will get out the house on time

I really feel the need to refer you this hilarious video.  I have to say I am NOT a Michael McIntyre fan, but he has pretty much nailed this on the head:

I don’t think I need to say much more.  Suffice to say,nearly four years into my parenting journey, I am ALWAYS late leaving the house.

10. Baby books contain ALL the answers

I bought so many baby books, I read them religiously and made notes.  This was all while pregnant of course, I had no time for extended baby book reading and note making later on.

What I didn’t appreciate is that all children are different.  Being a twin mummy, has brought this home to me.

Baby books are fine, they are a great source of information and ideas.  But, every parent has to take their child’s personality, likes, dislikes and fears into account.


So there you have it, my top ten rookie mistakes.  I am sure there are loads more to come.  As the monkeys grow up I am making new mistakes all the time!!

I would love to hear about your rookie mistakes in the comments.

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We all have to start somewhere. Here are my top ten Rookie Parenting Mistakes!