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University.  It Is A Huge Step, Isn’t It?  

University LibraryUnless you are steadfast in your career choice, it be can hard to pick a course.  How do you decide at that age what career you want to do?

Most teenagers are still living at home, not even finished school when they have to make this choice. There experience of the world is limited.  If, like me, you didn’t have just one dream about what you want to be, making that choice can be difficult.

If I could do university again I would do it differently.  

Essentially, I went to university as I felt like it was a natural next step.  The majority of my classmates were going to university.  I wanted the experience.  But I really didn’t know what I wanted to do.

Well, that isn’t strictly true.  I loved the idea of working with children.  To be a teacher.

The school career adviser suggested otherwise.  “It’s not for you”, she said.  I listened.  I shouldn’t have.  I regret it.  Since, many people have suggested that this would have been a perfect career for me.


The thing is, at 17, this advice was enough to knock my confidence.  I believed her because I thought she was the ‘expert’.  In reality, I had met the career adviser only a handful of times.

I was good at English at school.  I always enjoyed writing, mainly diaries.  All hand-written, of course; this was the ’90s.  Years later, I re-read those diaries.  They make me cringe.  Cringe at my former self and wonder what on earth I was thinking.  It was an accurate reflection of the girl at that time, though.  On reflection, however, I realise there is really no need to cringe about the naivety of youth.  I am not sure why I didn’t consider undertaking a course in journalism  at university.

With no idea about the path I wanted to take, I decided to do Business Studies.  Not because of some burning desire or passion for this subject, but simply because I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  I am not knocking the course; it certainly gave me good foundations for life in various subjects.  It didn’t lead to a dream job.  Although, I would be interested to know how many people go to university and end up with a dream job at the end.  I am guessing not many.

I am thankful that I love my current job.  I had a bit of a lucky break.  I was ready to join the working mothers’ club and secured a job writing and editing at a local newspaper.  I love it.

I have also discovered the world of blogging.  Again, more writing.  If only I had known 20 years ago this would make me happy.

The question of what course to pick at university can be hard

This is just my experience, but it does beg the question is 17 too young to decide the university course that could dictate your career for the rest of your life?  I do feel that if I had been a few years older I would have been better placed to make a decision.

What about starting with a more general course, then deciding your niche later.  Would that be better?

Tell me in the comments about your experience.  Did you go to university?  Did you know what you wanted to do when you left school?  Did it set you up for working life?  Did you land your dream job?

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